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Women for Mitt Romney

Women for Mitt Romney

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Hello. I'm Claudia, 15 years old and a Moderate Republican. I started to support Mitt Romney around summer 2012. I absolutely love him. I have been lucky enough to meet him once, Ann twice, Paul Ryan zero and Janna Ryan Once. I was the top teen caller in our headquarters. I proudly made over 12,300 phone calls for Mitt Romneys campaign & poured in 401.2 hours for him. (I just reblog and post photos of him & his family now that he lost..)
Just chillin cause he’s that cool

Just chillin cause he’s that cool

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    Why does his finger look like a shriveled up penis……?
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    Sunglasses are stylish. Unless you don’t like sunglasses. Then I’m wearing them to be “ironic” or something whatever....
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